A Website Where One Can Learn as Free as Possible

Learning is a trait of a human. What we're certain of is that learning can happen in many forms. We want everybody to learn as much as they could. But we know that would be quite impossible to achieve because there are lots of factors why one cannot learn. It could be the circumstance he's into, the financial incapacity she's dealing with, or that lack of motivation to learn and master a thing. And how about people from distant places, with no access to the internet, even on government-funded learning institutions. We totally understand that.

What we aim here is to create a place that defies most of the hindrances to learning, open to the reality that we're now on a digital age where many have access to the internet. In some perspectives, education has a price on top of it which obviously many cannot afford. It should be noted though that education is a form of standardized learning. In less developed countries, education is not a top priority, if not at all. This poses many issues, particularly on the future life of one.


In contrast to that, who needs modern-day style of learning if we talk about our tribal folks. While it is not possible to end this reality, considering education is now a profitable business, there are still many ways, alternatives or approaches to lowering the price of learning, if not totally becoming free. And mind if that happens, even a jungle boy would want to learn about using electronic bow and arrow to catch his meal for the day.

KNOWriel is a learning place for all learners. Let us in the mean time put it in that simple way. It functions in three ways.


One, it allows knowledge and information sharing among learners and teachers.

Two, it promotes collaboration between project creators and its contributors.

Three, it facilitates social networking in an entirely different way - networking for learning purposes.


With these three things forming the foundation of KNOWriel, affordable to free learning can possibly be achieved.

A Platform for Learning, Sharing, Collaboration and Networking 

A Learning Place Where You Can Do a Lot for Free

A simple explanation as to how this learning place will work for any learner is this.


First, there are pages where a learner can find information like books, courses and articles. She can browse even download them for free. Over time, users of this site will upload their own books, courses, contents and learning materials and they will be available for free to learners. Think of the courses in YouTube and the articles written by reputable authors available from technology websites like Microsoft, HubSpot and Amazon. They are free, unquestionably.


Second, there are pages that allow learners to create projects, campaigns and company pages. He can then publish those with the objective to either raise funds, find collaborators, or search mentors or advisers. One way or the other, he can complete his project or campaign from which he learns a lot of things along the way. There are existing platform like that nowadays but the only issue is that you need to pay.


Third, there are many possibilities in terms of mentoring, coaching, consulting and sharing of ideas, knowledge and information among website users - which will potentially lower down the cost of learning process.

We encourage you to learn thru KNOWriel. It's free to learn here. There are no limits or boundaries, whatsoever. Moreover, we warmly welcome you on this website. You can invite your classmates, friends, co-workers or anyone to start their learning journey here as well.

Start slowly. Create a strong profile. Discover pages. As you established good understanding of how the platform works, start creating. Then connect and collaborate next. It's a journey anyway, so take your time.


While the agenda is easier said than done, we let the course of time dictate the main purpose of this website for learners like you. What's important is that the intention is clean and clear: we want learning to be inexpensive, or free as possible.

A Learning Portal Without Limits and Boundaries